Storm Group Chasers

Terms & Conditions

Pricing, Terms & Conditions

  • Direct tour costs are $3,500 US$ for a 10 day tour - if you share a room with your chasing partner, then the costs are just $2,895 each
  • Each 10 day tour is 10 full days chasing on the road, and 11 hotel nights in total
  • Each tour begins and ends in Oklahoma City
  • Tour deposit payable on receiving booking details from SGC is $2,500 US$ per person for each 10 day tour
  • Tour deposit covers your portion of tour direct operating expenses, provision of technical equipment & software, and other expenses of organising and operating the tours
  • Your deposit also covers the opening night closing night hotel rooms in Oklahoma City
  • It's then “pay as you go” for your hotel rooms, in your own room, on the road – 9 nights – working out to an average of about $110 US$/night
  • Travel costs to & from Oklahoma City are at your expense
  • Food and other personal costs are at your expense

The Fine Print

  • This is not run as a profit-making business, but a group of like-minded people getting together to share their passion for severe weather while sharing the overall costs of the tour on an equitable basis
  • Deposits are refundable only “if I can rebook with someone else” otherwise are not refundable as the tour expenses are incurred regardless
  • Will refund opening/closing hotel rooms if able to cancel even if we can’t rebook your seat
  • You need to carry your own liability & health insurance coverage
  • Vehicle will carry the normal insurance for accidents & liability cover from the rental company
  • To finalise your booking, you will need to sign an informed consent waiver acknowledging the risks inherent in storm chasing, and waiving any right to legal redress

A Final Thought

If you are unwell, don’t come storm chasing! It’s close quarters and a tour can be ruined by illness shared in a small group. We reserve the right to decline your participation if you're unfit to travel. Let us know asap if you’re ill, so appropriate cancellations and refunds can be arranged if possible, and ensure you have adequate travel insurance to cover your deposit if we can’t refund or resell your seat due to late notice.


Tour 5 - 2023
(10 Days)

On the Road:
Tuesday, Jun 13 through
Thursday, Jun 22

Arrive in OK City on June 12th, depart OK City on June 23rd


Sharing a passion for Severe Weather with a love of photography