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Sharing a passion for Severe Weather with a love of photography

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24 April 2023

2023 Chase Accounts

This season’s chase accounts are being posted on Facebook under Peter Wharton - Storm Chaser. Join me there and follow along as we track down severe weather. 😎⛈️⚡️🌪️

2023 Storm Chasing Season

Are you looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Look no further than StormGroup Chasers!

Our highly experienced tour guides will provide you with unforgettable storm chasing. From the Dakotas to Kansas, west to the foothills of the Rockies, south to Oklahoma and the balmy, humid Texas gulf coast, our team has the knowledge, skill, and experience to provide the best storm chasing tour you’ll ever take.

We’ll take you on an incredible, safe journey, educating you about storm chasing & meteorology as applied to the weather events we experience on our tour, along with a fabulous vacation taking in the sights of Americana.

We don’t “hook slice”, “core punch” nor “zero-metre” - we’re not dangerous thrill-seekers, rather focusing on the best possible views of all kinds of severe weather while operating within a sensible safety envelope.

Our tours are non-commercial, so you can rest assured that we will not be charging extra fees nor leading just a money-making tour. Our focus is providing you with a personalised experience that you will never forget. 

With 20 years of experience tracking storms & exploring the Plains, our guides are experts at predicting weather patterns, ensuring that you won’t miss out on the ultimate storm chasing vacation. 

With StormGroup Chasers, you can explore the beauty of nature and experience the awe-inspiring power of storms, all from the safety of our full size tour SUV. 

Come join us for the adventure of a lifetime and experience STORM CHASING!

What We Have to Offer You

Be part of a group of like-minded people joining together to pursue and capture the "whole severe storm experience" - tornadoes, supercells, lightning and severe weather of all kinds.

StormGroup Chasers has an impressive track record over its 10 chasing seasons <interrupted for 2 years by Covid-19>, with over 75 tornadoes witnessed, including some major EF5 tornadoes. We have been on most of the major outbreaks over the years - including Joplin, La Crosse, Kingfisher, Ault, Moore, Carney, Hutchinson, El Reno & Dodge City.


Tour 5 - 2023 (10 Days)

On the Road:
Tuesday, Jun 13 through
Thursday, Jun 22

Arrive in OK City on June 12th, depart OK City on June 23rd


If you'd like to see what an actual tour looks like, click on the download button below, and view Tour 3 in 2022.



You can book a 10 day tour - these are 10 full days chasing on the road.

For a 10 day tour, the total direct tour costs are only $2,895 US$ each, if you share a room with a chasing partner - otherwise it’s $3,500 US$ which is made up of your tour deposit of $2,500, plus 9 nights hotels on the road in your own room for about $1,000.

The tour deposit covers all tour operating costs, and also includes the costs for your hotel bookings in Oklahoma City for the opening and closing nights of your tour.


Whether you know a lot about chasing severe storms or are just beginning to explore Mother Nature's fury, StormGroup Chasers will offer you a unique collaborative experience where the key words are communication, learning, photography and fun.

With access to all of the weather software and forecasting sites and models, you’ll be able to take part in the daily decision-making about chase targets, while learning about what drives severe storms, based on twenty years of chasing experience, severe storm forecasting and a life-time interest in the weather.

Each tour is ten days on the road using one chase vehicle, allowing flexibility of movement to make the best use of our chase days. With two drivers and four passengers, everyone has a window seat. While there is never any guarantee of tornadoes, StormGroup Chasers will chase all available storms for the best "severe storm experience".

While safety is paramount, being able to creatively photograph the experience is a primary objective. From the power and beauty of a tornado or supercell, to a striking cloud formation, or a beautiful sunset, or a scene encountered on route, each day will take into account our shared love of photography.

Please join us for a personalised and flexible approach to experiencing the annual drama on the Plains - a unique collaborative chasing opportunity


What our people say

Lagniappe, that little something extra that life occasionally hands to us ... the greatest lagniappe is the new eyes with which I scan my Mississippi skies

Jo Ann

A guest on Tour 4 in 2018

You will experience things you've only dreamed of and take the pictures of a lifetime


A guest on Tour 2 in 2018

Road-trip roulette aided by meteorology ... a constant sense of adventure and a giddiness to waking up each morning with no earthly idea where you might end up next


A guest on Tour 1 in 2017

I had a blast joining Storm Group Chasers for the first time in 2019! Peter was an incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining guide. I learned a ton about weather systems and had a great time watching storms come together and take off.


United States

Sharing a passion for Severe Weather with a love of photography